Check up

Greta had her 4m check up last Thursday. She is just shy of 12 pounds. That puts her in the 15%tile for her weight. Dad seems to think she needs to beef up (like a Brunhilde?) but I am enjoying her petit-ness. She is a funny kid who manages to control the universe around her. Her easy smiling garners her many admirers, especially at church. Today the deacon kept getting closer and closer to us just do he could say, “That’s a cute baby” before moving to the next row.

Also this week, Gus finished up his basketball season. There is no official score keeping in his league but his team played well. Gus made the assist to help the only player on his team who hasn’t yet scored this season to make a great basket. It was awesome, but I am glad the season is done. We get a little break before spring soccer begins again.

Yesterday we went to “Maple Days” here on post where we saw how sap is collected and boiled into syrup. We got to sample fresh warm syrup and maple cotton candy. Heavenly! The boys have been asking if we can get our own cotton candy machine ever since!

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