Kiplinger…I like that word

And now…I will blog about something that I know nothing about: diets. I’ve seen the term “paleo” thrown around the web a lot lately. What does that mean? Eat like Neanderthals? Like they did or what they ate? Not sure and not sure why there is always a new fad diet out there. What is “paleo” supposed to do for you? Hunchback?
Kind of like new exercise routines. Crossfit, Zumba, px90, buns of steel. The list goes on forever, with a new one sure to be the next sensation tomorrow. I just don’t understand the appeal of either dieting or exercising. On the other hand, I do understand eating. I can eat!
Today I went with some girlfriends (gasp!) to the first restaurant I’ve enjoyed in a long time. Usually I feel “mehhh” after eating out. The taste of the food usually disappoints. But not today. We had lunch at the Carthaginian gem called The Bombay Duck Pickle. Amazing enough to justify no prices on the menu? Maybe not. Worth my monthly allowance? Definitely. BTW….I am now curious to try an actual duck pickle as soon as I find it at a store.
Which brings me to the next topic. Phobia. Some people are frozen with fear. Fear of spiders, creepers, dogs, work, people, whatever. Well, you will see me frozen if front of the meat section of the grocery store. Mostly it’s because they have no organic meat at our commissary but it is also just the fact that eating meat is kind of gross. (I also think drinking cows’ milk is gross…just think about it….bleh!) Because of my fear, I rarely buy, cook or feed meat to my poor, starving family. Hence the Milk-bone story. I make them eat all kinds of things instead. Things my husband never knew existed as food before he married me. He’s a good sport. My boys, not as tactful. I frequently make everyone eat a bowl of soup at dinner. Tonight was no exception. I’d been cooking tonight’s soup all day. It reminded me of Nacho’s cooking, except I did get to use fresh ingredients. The boys were unimpressed and asked for a salad or something.

The funny thing is, I got the recipe from a cookbook complied by monks!!

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