The last few weeks have been moving right along. The boys were excited to get ready for Halloween. Gus was a phantom and Bryce was a skeleton. I think they were most excited to roam the neighborhood with their friends. We invited some families over from church to spend the evening with us, as they either lived in remote areas, or because we just like them.  It was a cold evening, and our house was full of toddlers, mostly girls. The boys kept asking why we didn’t invite their friends over.  We had a lot of sticky fingerprints and messes to clean up after everyone left. Maybe next time we’ll aim for an older audience….like 50.

On top of Halloween festivities this week (a parade and carnival at school), the boys got out of school early on Monday due to Sandy, (just lots of strong wind up here) and then they had morning mass on 1 November along with a 1/2 day, and morning mass again on 2 November, so they really didn’t have a lot of school this past week. Lucky!!

On Saturday Andy and I went on our first real date in several months….actually the first one since we moved here. Our babysitter was…the general’s daughter. His son is Bryce’s good friend, so he came along, too.  Even though it was nice to get out, here’s what really happened that evening: We went gun shopping. But, we didn’t buy anything. Just looked. For the second time. Not a big problem. Just not a typical date excursion.  Well, maybe it is, for us.  I should be adjusted by now, right?  Then we went to dinner. We went to an Irish Pub that the boys and I had visited this summer. It was nice. Andy spent most of the time outside on the telephone fielding calls about Sandy relief while I sat at a table by myself enjoying my food. When Andy finally came back, he quickly ate all of his food and then we went home. Sometimes you just take what you can get. I still enjoyed it.  The last time we all went out to eat, a lady came up to us afterwards and asked if I was having a girl, because apparently she thought we deserved a girl after watching all of us. So, it was nice to go out without the boys, even if I had to eat alone.

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