Two weeks

Over the past two weeks I’ve done some things I’ve never done before or haven’t done in a while. Not really exciting, not really interesting, not worth repeating, but I did them nonetheless. I don’t want your comments.

1. I spent many hours waiting in the lobby of a rehab facility. There is a very interesting and diverse group of people there. They all seem to know each other, and get along well. It was eye opening. I hope to never return.

2. I watched Dr. Strangelove. I never knew the Pink Panther could be so versatile. Who paid to make such a movie, anyway? It was supposed to be a comedy, from the summary on the movie case. I wasn’t laughing. Weird.

3. At 8 months, I was in the back yard dragging around plywood, pallets and wielding a Skil saw to construct some sort of gap-filler to keep the puppy from escaping, again. Then, I carried multiple 5-gallon buckets of dirt from the front to the back yard to prevent further attempts at escape along the fence line.  Not a pretty sight. Andy needs to be home soon!

4. I ate potatoes that were   (gasp) from a questionable origin….to include Idaho. I don’t like potatoes, actually. And especially when I can’t be sure they are a naturally occurring organism, as in NON GMO. You may not mind what you eat, but I have a ‘problem’ eating lots of things that were created /altered by people…people like Dr. Strangelove. It’s one reason I go to the store, and look at the regular produce and meat sections, and don’t buy any of it. It’s not about saving the earth, or whatever. It’s about what I put into my body.  Given a choice, would you eat Dolly? Scary!

5.  Per previous entry, I don’t get excited about Halloween. Funny that some of my siblings love Halloween and go all-out for the holiday. I just didn’t ever catch the vision of it.  Anyway, Gus and Bryce are all about decorating and hound me relentlessly about why we don’t have more Halloween decorations (like all the neighbors, who have had theirs out since September).  #1. I don’t like moving around crap. Halloween deco is crap to me.  I have too much other crap to move around. I want to get rid of it, not get more. #2. Who wants to be out in the cold decorating with spiderwebs and dead bones and stuff like that? Why can’t we use flowers or nice things, like at Christmas? #3. I don’t like to spend money on crap. Halloween decorations are crappy to me, and a total waste of money. #4. In my current condition, do I really feel like doing anything? NO!  Regardless, there I was on a ladder along with Gus, in the cold wind hanging out spiderwebs and bones.

6.  I took the boys  to stake conference in Rome, NY, not to be confused with the actual Rome, where I would much rather be.  It was raining all day and I parked in the mud because I didn’t want to walk up a big hill to go in (of a rented facility, not a church building). I had to switch on the 4×4 to get out afterwards. Good thing Andy’s truck is SWEET.

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