What have we been doing lately?
Well, school finally started. It is early for Bryce and late for Gus. Both of them seem to enjoy it, especially Gus. He commented to me once that he would sometimes rather go to school than be home. I haven’t heard of any wishes for homeschooling either. That is a good sign and small miracle for him.

I spend my days…
trying to get stains out of Bryce’s school uniforms.
Putting things away, hanging pictures, etc. related to moving. There still isn’t a room in our house that is totally “finished.”
Running errands, consigning junk, getting lost and more.

Andy came home briefly and did some much needed tasks, like cleaning under the dishwasher. We also visited a puppy. The day Andy left again, we got the puppy, and the boys named him Trousers. He’s eight weeks old, loves to chew and can howl like a wolf All.night.long. The first night Gus came into my room in tears because it sounded so sad and he felt bad for Trousers. It has been getting progressively better each night. It’s like having a new baby, except that he doesn’t wear diapers and is fully mobile and teething from day one. I guess it has been a good emersion in puppy/childproofing that will need to be done anyway.


My visiting teachers had a baby “bath” for me. I told them I didn’t want a shower, so they assembled some ladies to make some girly, crafty things and eat good food. It was a lot of fun and I ended up with a stash of tutus and hair bows to last through preschool.

The boys have also begun soccer, so I spend two nights a week freezing my butt off for two hours at a time after lugging a bag full of blankets and a camp chair from the van across the field. Oh joy!

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