It has been a while since I’ve written anything, but i have been musing a load. As Andy can attest, there is no logic in my mind, and two consecutive thoughts are usually gulfs apart.

1. Yesterday I spend a lot of money to buy Bryce some new shoes. Hours later, he was running around in the sprinkler and mud with them on. My mind was expletive laden, but only calm chastisement came out. (That’s usually the case, right? 555) He often plays stupid, including this time. “It’s not good to get shoes wet?” If I were more mobile I might have tried a pile drive to the face. School can’t start soon enough. I think I need to go to confession.

2. After 40+ days of hotel breakfasts and restaurant foods, I feel I need to say something about marketing pet peeves. Caution: In my mind, I am a food snob. Topic: Low Fat Yogurt. Every hotel offered this for breakfast. What is the point? I ask, what is wrong with fat? Would you eat low fat ice cream? How about low fat ranch dressing? So why low fat yogurt? How about FULL fat yogurt? People think yogurt is healthy, so they think low fat yogurt must be healthier. Have you ever looked at the ingredient list of low fat yogurt, specifically a brand that begins with “Yo?” Despite all the claims of low fat, live cultures, and real fruit, what else is there? HFCS, of course. But one ingredient caught my attention every morning. “Kosher gelatin.” I could almost puke just thinking about it. Who cares that it’s gelatin (disgusting topic on it’s own), it’s Kosher! It must be better for me. It must be healthy. Just like Kosher hot dogs. Needless to say, I never patronize “Yo” yogurt.

3. Movers and packers are not geniuses. That’s why they have those jobs. Don’t want to get started on this subject.

4. I have realized that I will never be satisfied with anyone else’s cleaning job, but I realize that I can’t do it all, so I have to choose my battles. (Essential with these three boys). Discovering what color hair, gender of children, kind of pets, kinds of toys and type of candy bars enjoyed by the previous tenants of our house is not acceptable. Ever. When I move out of a place, I make sure to take my dirt with me. I hope you do the same.

5. Did I mention that school can’t start soon enough?

6. I like frogs, so I decided to make some. Mostly, I have been trying to figure out what to do with all of these bags of pinto beans that I have no where to store, so cleverly disguising them as frogs is a good solution. I should have a small army of them by the time I get through the bags. Won’t it be exciting to have frog on the dinner menu?



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