What’s wrong with them???

I often wonder “why?”  Why would you do such a thing? What’s wrong with you? If only you listened!!  I know I don’t have all the answers or do everything right. Sometimes I’m totally wrong, and I don’t have a complex about it. I shrink laundry regularly.  I hate to make the bed. I am a horrible driver, and I can’t make good fried rice no matter how many times I try.  I don’t really think I try to control the universe, I just like to think I have more influence than not. And when things don’t go the way I think they should have gone, then I ask why.  This afternoon I’ve thought back on this week and tried to look at it from Bryce’s perspective instead of my own, because I would just wonder “Why” to almost everything.  Here’s my interpretation:

Monday:  Got to watch TV, play on my iPod.  Got to play Minecraft (aka Mine-crap to mom). Best day ever!  I live and breath Minecraft. I think about it before bed, and as soon as I wake up each morning. I like to discuss and argue points with Gus, and give mom updates on the latest progress. (To mom, this is just as bad as the recounting of dreams.)

Tuesday: Mom made us go on a tour of Post and of Watertown with the local ACS group.  It was so boring. We had to stop at the museum on post and walk around the gift shop. Then we had to drive all over Watertown.  I thought I was going to die.  Finally we stopped at an Irish Pub for lunch. Mom ordered our food but it took FOREVER.  I had to watch this lady eat French onion soup in front of my face and I had nothing to eat. It looked so good. I was starving!  Finally our food came, and I ate most of mom’s food and all of my own. Mom had Irish Nachos. I just can’t stop thinking about them. They were SO good!

Wednesday: I got to watch more TV and play video games. Mom made us go outside and play basketball with this kid in the hotel. He’s kind of weird, but I chose to team up with him just so we could be against Gus. Gus always just walks away when we play basketball. I can’t figure out why. I just try to get the ball from him and shoot a basket and he just gets upset and won’t play anymore. Then he tells mom and I get in trouble and I didn’t even do anything wrong. That’s how you play the game.  Zeezsh! For dinner we HAD to go out to eat. I just wanted to stay at the hotel and watch more TV. Mom is so mean.  At least we went to Cracker Barrel and I got to eat lots of food. I wanted to puke because I ate too much. I feel like puking a lot these days. Mom says it’s because I drink too much soda and eat too quickly, but I don’t think she knows what she’s talking about. Zeezsh!

Thursday: We got to play Minecraft again. I love it. I bought the game but every time I play, Gus gets to play, too. It’s so unfair. We also watched lots of TV. I love to watch TV. Mom just doesn’t understand. I ask her which she thinks is better: Dish, DirectTV or TimeWarner Cable. She always says she doesn’t know and doesn’t care.  But I care. I think DirectTV is the best. Mom never wants to choose the best of stuff I ask her. She’s so boring. She doesn’t like it when Gus and I battle with pillows or jump on the beds at the hotel. She always gets mad and we have to stop playing and read a book or scriptures or something BORING.

Friday:  Mom made us go to the PX AND the Commissary today. We had to walk around and get all kinds of stuff from dad, like toe nail clippers. Then we had to carry all the stuff out to the van instead of taking the cart. I end up carrying most of the stuff because Gus is lazy. He takes like one bag and I have to take like 20. It’s so unfair.

Saturday:  Mom left us for a mysterious party that she didn’t tell us about and we HAD to stay with dad. He makes us work by carrying things up and down the stairs for him. We went to Walmart. We had to look at things for dad, and not the things we wanted to look at. Mom met us there and we got lunch at Subway. Next time I’m going to get a foot-long sub.

Sunday:  Mom told us to get up and get ready and get some breakfast, but I decided to stay in my PJs and tease Gus. When he went to get something, I read his journal and copied things out of it so I could tease him more later.  Then mom came back and I got grounded. It’s so unfair. Gus always tells on me and I get in trouble. I never tell on Gus and he never gets into trouble. After church dad wouldn’t let me eat tortilla chips. I was starving!  Instead he made me make a sandwich for a picnic. I don’t know why we couldn’t just stay in the room and eat. I was so hungry that tears were falling out of my eyes, but I WAS NOT crying!  On the picnic there was a pond nearby. Mom told us to be careful, but I fell in anyway. I was like “Swamp Thing.”  I had to walk home all wet. The worst part was that dad was mean and made me wash all of my clothes and shoes in the bathtub.  Then he told me to wash off the bathtub when I was done. I didn’t want to so I just ignored him. That’s when mom said I was grounded more. My parents are SO mean!

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