Hotel Heiress

We’ve been homeless for over a month now.  We’ve been in this hotel here for 23 days. I’m getting tired of having to find/buy food to eat every day. I’m tired of the boys living in the same room as me. I would like to cook my own food. I would like to see all of my shoes. I miss my bed.  On the other hand, I do enjoy the daily cleaning, bed making, bathroom sanitizing, and spartan possessions (think “no toys to pick up”). Whenever we move I always realize how much junk we own, and how much we can/should really live without. We need to purge more.

Over the last few weeks we’ve tried to keep busy and out of the room.  There are plenty of things to do around here and we are enjoying discovering what the North Country has to offer.

We’ve visited Boldt Castle (a tragic story) in Alexandria Bay and we watched a mock air assault on post for Mountainfest. It was very cool.

We checked out the Watertown Zoo and the great playground in nearby Thompson Park.

On the 4th of July we went to Old MacDonald’s Farm and saw a small dairy operation among other animals.  We also went to the beach at Westcott State Park on Lake Ontario, and watched the fireworks from the old 1812 battlefield in Sackets Harbor.

Last weekend we went to a Mennonite Festival called the Zwanzigstein Fest way out in the country. It was more of a family reunion than a festival.  The boys thought it was really boring, but I thought it was kind of fun.

This past week we went camping near Palmyra and finished up our Church History tour by seeing the old Smith farm, Sacred Grove, and the Hill Cumorah Pageant. I’ll admit here that I don’t like camping, but I really enjoyed getting out of the hotel and making my own food, even if it was just hotdogs over the fire.


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