Missing you not

There are a few things I miss about living in Kansas. I actually really enjoyed being there.  There are some things I really enjoy about living in the Midwest.  I love the humidity.  I love that it is green year round.  The people are friendly and patriotic and picture-perfect Americans.  It is more diverse than the West, people are more accepting and accommodating, and there is almost that southern hospitality. Almost.   There are also things from nature that I loved.  Unfortunately I was not able to stay long enough to see the summer invasion of the neighborhood with little frogs, which I call pocket frogs. They are so tiny and cute and prolific.   And fire flies. I love to watch those every evening.   And just before we left, we started to hear the sound of Midwest summer, the cicada.  Their drone reminds me of some old sci-fi movie we watched multiple times as kids where there are people in some land or island who are under the power of some kind of monsters who sporadically turn on a droning noise and all the people come walking like zombies towards the monsters who eat them.  Annoying as they are, the sound of cicada in the evening is nostalgic and relaxing. 


Just before we left we got to stay in a great B&B in town.  It was a bit pricy, but we all loved it.  Gus even said every day that he wished he could live there forever. He just wished there was another bathroom (there was only one).  He said it was so nice to sit at a real table and eat from a real plate with real utensils.  (He’s more civilized than I realized.  Bryce could care less about those things.)  From the B&B we could hear the daily bells from the local church chiming a few tunes every morning, noon and evening, something we missed out on by living on post. It was so quiet and peaceful, no kids running the neighborhood.  I think I could have lived there for some time, too. 


Some things I will not miss:  

Chiggers.  Almost made it out of the area without getting bit.  Almost.  

Tornados and huge thunder storms.  It’s hard enough to sleep through the night without them. 

KCBBQ-I’m just not a fan, and it’s obvious in the Midwest that diet has a huge impact on general population shape. BBQ and fried chicken seems to be so cultural.  Gross.

My house.  Quaint though it was, there were a few things that had such a strong effect on daily life that made life drudgery.  Let me name a few;  1.  The kitchen sink-stupidest design ever.  I would rather have had no sink, just a counter with a faucet. It would have produced the same results: water all over the place.  2.  The bathrooms in our house-disgusting and in need of remodel for the last 30 years, at least.  On the day I moved out, I decided to go to the gym on post to shower.  I was amazed that the bathrooms (showers specifically) in the gym there was 100 times better than the shower in my own home, even after intense cleaning (steam, scrub, toothbrush cleaning).  Pathetic and no excuse for FG housing.  I should have used the showers there regularly.  It would have been nicer than a daily shower at home.  3.  Speaking of bathrooms, the most annoying thing about our house was the fact that in every bathroom, the toilet paper dispenser was positioned behind one’s ear, so the user had to contort uncomfortably in order to reach the TP, which then wouldn’t even spin out paper.  You had to use both hands to get even a square out of it, no matter how full the roll was.  Maybe for boys this is not such a big deal, but for me, this was life altering and most annoying.  


I like to think I was not the only one who recognized the substandard condition.  At every hotel/motel that we stayed at on our way here, (and we stayed in some real dives), Gus said every day that “this is so nice” and he wished he could “live here forever.”  In Nauvoo, the hotel we stayed in offered a buffet breakfast with “om-u-lets” and more.  Both boys thought it was heavenly.  A little food and cable TV.  Boys are so easy to please.  I can hardly wait to cook my own food again.  Eating out is only good for about three days, then it becomes disgusting.  Those three days happened about  three weeks ago when they took all of our stuff.  I can’t wait to eat lentils and salad. 

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