mother’s day

Here are the highlights for the past few weeks. maybe I already talked about them, but i don’t remember, and i don’t care to check.  I also don’t care to really write how i really feel on my blog, because as Andy said, then I “won’t get invited for Christmas anymore,” which is basically fine with me.  That’s why we actually have telephones and email and communicate with people we really care about and with whom we want to share real information. That’s not why we (I) have a blog. Other people may use their blogs for those things, but not me.  TMI in cyberspace is not my idea of fun. So, here’s the list of things that any old someone might have noticed us doing for the last while, all mostly trivial.

We went to the baptism of a friend, Paige, in Manhattan, KS and had a good time visiting with the Thompsons.

We saw the season’s first fireflies. Summer is almost here!

Gus lost another tooth. I want to pull out more, but he won’t sit still long enough for me to do it.

The boys have been playing soccer and enjoying it, even though they are yet to win a game.

I went on a field trip to a local farm with the kindergarteners. We got to see a donkey and big horses, among other things. While there, one boy asked me if I was a grandma. In turn, I asked him if he was a grandpa. He said he was too young, and then I said I was, too.

Gadget and his family came for a quick overnight visit. It was nice. I only got a picture of Oscar.

In a surprise turn of events, my sister Shelly showed up for Mother’s Day. She even brought brownies and a chocolate cake. Then she set to work organizing the boys Lego collection. Two siblings in one week is a pretty amazing record for our family.

On the way home from church yesterday…

Gus:  Would you rather have a mustache or beard?

Bryce:  A Mustache.

Gus: No, not you! Mom!

For my breakfast on Mother’s Day, the boys set out a cereal bowl and spoon. So nice of them.  Andy did make dinner later that day, so he’s off the hook. I also got flowers from my boss, and my sister, and one from church. Andy bought me a chain to go with a pendant he had made for me several years ago. Gus gave me a clay bluebird and a card he made at school, and Bryce dug an empty flowerpot out of the bottom of his backpack that he had made at a fair earlier in the week and gave that to me, too. He had written the words “stolen property” inside.

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