Last year Spring Break:  London AND Paris.  This year: Kansas City, Kansas, baby!  (Should I be excited?)  **We also made an exciting day trip to WaKeeney, KS where we met up for lunch with my dad and UF.

It wasn’t too bad. Andy was tied down with studying, so we stayed close to home. Probably for the better. The weather was bad, lots of rain. WaKeeney has a nice McDonalds. Thanks again UF for the fish sandwiches. We stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge in KCK. It is kind of like a resort with a huge water park inside. The boys really enjoyed it, and I’d have to say, I had an ok time also. Two days of swimming and playing some interactive game called MagiQuest. We finally treated the boys to Five Guys burgers to rave reviews. The boys even got to have a sleepover at the neighbors.  I would have preferred London or Paris, but I think the boys enjoyed staying here.

On Saturday, Andy and I were able to go on a tour of the new KC temple in Liberty, Mo.  We will be giving some of the tours for the open house, and so we went down there for some training and were able to go on a tour ourselves.  BTW, we will be giving tours on the 20th from 4-8pm.  The open house starts in less than 2 weeks! Stop by if you can. It is really a sight to see.

On Sunday, very early, our personal car delivery service showed up with Andy’s new truck. We let him sleep for a few hours in the basement and even use our shower before waking him up to finish his business and get on his way.  Gus was truly disappointed that he couldn’t stay longer.  I got LOTS of questions about our esteemed visitor from  people at church. We all wish the visit could have been longer.

Back to the grind with school again.  There are less than 50 days left!  Yes!

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