spring break

pocket full o'magnets

the last two weeks have been very full, hot, and exhausting.  so much so that i don’t even want to use capitals.  last sunday, i had to confiscate this from gus. he had all of this in one pocket. not exactly the best toy to bring to church, especially considering toys are  banned at church in our family. this week i was playing the organ, so i didn’t get to sit by them and see what was in their pockets, but from up front, they seemed to sit more still than when i am right next to them. maybe i’ll start sitting up on the stand just for fun.

this past week we all advanced, except andy, a belt level in tae kwon do. it is painfully slow for the boys. they have been working hard, but getting discouraged because of the drawn out testing process. even i am losing motivation to go, but mostly because the beginners class is like being at work…loud kids who can’t follow instructions or sit still. as a full yellow belt, i was excited to finally have the chance to spar and was looking forward to beating up some classmates, but the instructor said it wasn’t worth sparring with so few students prepared to spar.  i think i might derive some satisfaction from sparring with someone half my size and 1/3 my age. one of these days!

despite my deepest wishes, it looks as though we are done with winter here.  only one measly snowstorm.  this past week it was 28°C for a few days. (sorry, i’m still tracking in Celsius.) it feels like we may have even skipped spring.  the hydormeter in my house was up 80%. i am embarrassed to say, but i had to turn on the air conditioner, in march,  just to remove some moisture. due to the nice weather,  i was pleasantly surprised to find a lot of bulbs planted in our yard; daffodils, tulips, lilies, and some other flower i can’t yet identify. it’s nice to discover things left behind by others for our benefit.  perhaps i’ll plant some pumpkins so the new tenants will have something for halloween.

the past few weeks i’ve also been on a very uncharacteristic shopping spree. i’ve acquired a kindle fire, an ipad2, new serving spoons, new lunch box, a big telescope, and a sweet blanket that i plan to keep in andy’s new truck.  i’m trying to convince andy to buy a camper trailer, a bloodhound, and a couple of other things that i haven’t discovered i need yet.  roomba, anyone??  it’s all just a matter of time.

so now we are all off for spring break. what to do, what to do??

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