Even with leap year, February isn’t long enough. Partly due to having two different viruses this month, and sleeping for days at a time, the month flew by. It’s March already!! Here are some things of late that I find funny in my mind.

One day at school, one very spoiled, precocious 6-going-on-16 year old girl, aptly named Gabby, told me that I needed to tell the teacher that her parents came to her this morning and surprised her by telling her that her name is really “Shine,” and that we needed to start calling her “Shine.” 555

A few Sundays ago, one of the CTR 4 kids turns to his teacher, and says really loud, pointing to me, “Does she talk?” Luckily, his teacher said no. Hiding behind the piano in Primary for two hours each Sunday has its benefits.


Gus had his 2nd grade music program this Thursday. After repeatedly asking him, Gus assured me that he didn’t need to wear anything special that night. I should have known better, but really, I’m not that obsessed with keeping up appearances.The neighbor boys wore button shirts, tucked in, one even wore a tie. Well, Gus was the ONLY 2nd grader in shorts and a t-shirt. (It was his PIZZA t-shirt from Uncle Gadget and Aunt Amy.) At least he was singing and did pretty well at not angering the music teacher, who doesn’t really like kids and is a perfectionist.

And more Gus antics:

This morning, Gus told me that my job is a rip-off. I apparently don’t get paid enough for what he thinks I do. (I don’t) He said the job of Little Ceasar mascot-dancer/sign-holder working the corner would be a better deal.

Later he said he wanted to take over Dairy Queen, change the name to Fario (like Mario, but not) and sell Japanese food. Whatever, Gus.

This past week the boys had their Blue and Gold Banquet. I scrambled to put together two cakes for them to decorate with sickeningly colored frosting. Since I was a bit under the weather, I sent them with their dad. I think they both had a good time. Apparently Bryce got some badges or awards or something, or maybe he just really liked to shake this guy’s hand. I never got a good report about what really happened there, except that one of our friends is acquainted with Mr. Jepsen. Andy didn’t even take pictures of their cakes.

The boys had their last basketball game this Saturday, and celebrated with a 16 to 12 victory. It was really a nail-bitter. They came from behind. Lots of turnovers, foul shots, 3 pointers, and screaming from the sidelines.   Our coach Peter, well, I’ve never heard him raise his voice, ever. (My dad’s going to love that last sentence.) And that’s through both soccer season and this basketball season. He is really awesome. The other team’s coach, a lady, on the other hand, was ballistic. She came up to the table and was demanding to know how many fouls were on such-and-such a player, etc, yelling to her team to do this and that.  These are 10 year olds. C’mon.   After the game, on the way home, I pointed out to the boys how lucky they had been to have coach Peter, since he is so calm and nice.  They responded by saying that that is why girls don’t make good coaches. (Girls≠calm and nice?? Ok, is true.) They had a little party at the bowling alley afterwards. But instead of bowling, they wanted to play pool and had a good time.

Last night we went to see The Lorax. I love the Lorax. How could I have never known about the Lorax before? All I knew about was green eggs and ham and hopping on pop. The Lorax is my new hero. A perfect movie for a Boulderite. Even Andy enjoyed it.

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