Here’s the thing.

I like to start off my conversations with the sentence, “Here’s the thing.”  It really gets the attention I want, especially from Andy.  His eyebrows go through the roof and his eyes get really larger than normal large. So, here’s the thing. I’ve been digesting a lot of things in my head lately. Trying to actually formulate a post about what’s been going on in there has seemed overwhelming, so I haven’t.  Since we engineers aren’t known for our verbal prowess, I think I’ll just post in bullets, a summary of the last few weeks.

  • We have suffered from an addiction (all but Andy, of course) to a game called Pucca’s Restaurant. Mostly, Bryce suffered the addiction. Since the game is on my iPhone, he was constantly asking me if he could play, if I would play it for him, etc.  He got to the point of crying when I said I wouldn’t let him do it, or do it for him, that I would let the food spoil on the stove, or not make “mooncake” or whatever else she cooks. Hence, Pucca has been uninvited from our family. And we were on level 13!!  I don’t know if she’ll ever be welcomed again. I’m sure there are flies swarming her kitchen.
  • I had my birthday. I’m one year closer to hospice. Sooo excited.  The boys gave me a nice card, soap, a yogurt maker and a wireless router thingy for our TV. The day after my birthday, Andy took me out for dinner. It was ok. Eating out has been such a disappointment to me.  Food just never tastes that great. Here’s to another year!
  • At the end of January we celebrated Kansas Day. It’s a big thing here. On Friday, the entire school was transformed into a miniature stock show. There were animals, booths, people making crazy things like candles and rope, and dudes and dudettes dressed up in frontier-like clothing. They even had ancient square dancers performing.  The next day we attended a celebration held at the Carousel Museum, one of the two big attractions in Leavenworth, KS. It was really delightful. I couldn’t stop smiling. I’m happy there are still things that are so simple that can make me smile. 
  •  To finish off the month, Bryce had the Pinewood Derby in Cub Scouts.  Now, one day about a month ago, he came home from scouts and said that his leader had taken his car home to cut it out. I was thinking in my head that maybe they had run out of time that night and he didn’t get around to cutting Bryce’s car. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw when he gave it back TWO weeks later:No wonder his leader had to take it home to cut it! Thank goodness his leader had a jigsaw!  All I could think was, “That is a stupid and non-aerodynamic design. How could a child of mine come up with THAT? Haven’t I taught him anything about our profession? Haven’t the genius genes rubbed off, even a little?”  But, I didn’t say any of that.  His leader was such a saint to do that!
  • Instead,  I helped him choose the colors and sand and paint it.  I donated about $3.25 worth of quarters to be taped, glued, and cemented to the car, #72, on the night of the derby.  I sat in the back row and took pictures.  No one was more surprised than I was that his car actually did really well that night. He came home with “The Most Unexpected Design” prize and had a lot of fun.
  • At work, I have a new challenge. I am working with a new student. I’ve only been with him two days, but he is keeping me on my toes. I’m glad, because the student I was working with is doing so well and working very independently, so I was ready for something more engaging. I was getting bored.
  • Al fin. Here’s the thing. We found out that we are moving this summer to Ft. Drum, NY.
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