The Break

Our gingerbread house party turned out to be a hit. I think some of the dads in attendance were more serious than necessary, but everyone had a good time, ate lots of candy, and took home a very colorful piece of art. We especially enjoyed having our neighbors from Bangladesh over and teaching them about what gingerbread houses are!

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The same boy who was talking about becoming a lawyer or DJ told me that once his mom made him go to a show about the Nutcracker where there was no talking and only music, and it was “sooo boring.”  Well, that’s pretty much what my boys thought about it after seeing it.  They were pretty good for the first half, but had a hard time lasting through the second part where there is just a display of the different dancers from around the world.  Conversely, Andy enjoyed the second part better since there was no ‘difficult’ storyline to follow, just dancing.  I can’t win with any of them.  At least they can say they’ve been to a ballet now.

School for the past two weeks was pretty wild as everyone was so excited about the break, and holiday parties, and stuff, but we all survived!  I’m tired of all of the candy and sweets already and we’ve still got a week to go. On Friday we packed up our things and on Saturday we headed to Colorado.  It was a long, boring drive. Kansas is so flat!  In a few days we’ll be on the road again, headed to Idaho and the wildest dreams that await us there.  55.

I love this time of year, especially in Germany, but it’s pretty nice everywhere, I guess. (What  I don’t like is the added stress of shopping, decorating, social obligations, etc.) I have so much to be thankful for at this time of year. It’s nice to have the boys old enough to pull out the tree and all of the decorations and set them up all on their own.  I love that my oldest son said it’s ok if all of his presents come after Christmas, as he realizes that we might not get a chance to get him what he wants in time.  (He should get extra presents for that !) And I love that the boys usually have only one thing on their ‘must have’ list, and tell me that if I get them so-and-so, I won’t have to get them anything else from their list.  And most of all, I’m lucky to have the greatest husband, who asks for little, eats anything, and takes good care of us, even when we’re naughty. Thanks, Sweets! XX

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