This past week has been filled with professional discussions. (Discussion of professions, to be exact.) It began with Gus at the breakfast table:

Gus: Mom, have you ever had a real job?

Mom: (While trying to suppress thoughts somewhere between “What are you talking about?” and “Were you born yesterday? and “As if being a mom wasn’t real enough”) Real like what?

Gus: Like a fireman, policeman or astronaut?

Mom: No.

Gus: I am so glad I’m not a girl!

So, am I to conclude that girls aren’t allowed to have the aforementioned jobs? What about the job I have now? Is it not real? Are there only three ‘real’ jobs in the entire world? Does “Mom” not count as job in his mind? Have I failed to drill into his head that every single day of my life is filled with WORK for him? Whose kid is this, anyway?

A few days later in the lions’ den (aka kindergarten classroom) several kids were having a discussion amongst themselves about what they hope to be when they grew up. One girl said she wanted to be a doctor. She is very studious at age 5, and will probably become one. The little boy I work with said he wanted to be a fireman. (Interesting, since he doesn’t like loud noise, unpredictability, or physical contact.) And my favorite…one boy said he was going to be a lawyer… or a DJ. Lovely!

And here’s a whirlwind summary of the past few weeks:

After Andy’s birthday, (we got him a TV for his birthday, though it came two weeks late), Bryce finally got his cast off, only to be put into a splint for four more weeks. The boys had an open house at the school, which was very cool. Their school is cool. All of the leaves fell off of the trees in the backyard, finally. My parents came for the Thanksgiving break. We picked up a turkey at a local farm, and spent some time visiting with the farm family. It was a nice visit. We went out for Thai food, Mexican food, and of course, KC BBQ. We visited Liberty, MO, and Adam-Ondi-Ahman. For Thanksgiving, we ate our 26 lbs. turkey and invited our neighbors from Bangladesh over for dinner. The boys put up the Christmas decorations. We visited the National WWI Museum and Monument. (Usually I hate places like that, but I actually enjoyed this museum.) We replaced the Wii that we made the boys sell when we left Germany, to go with the new TV. We watched the movie Johnny English, Reborn, and all loved it. We had a great time while my parents visited, and were sad to see them go. The boys both said their favorite thing about having grandpa and grandma visit was making hats. I cannot disagree. My status as the favored daughter is now indisputable. Thanks for the hat, mom!

After my parents left, we resumed our crazy life. In our continued training for the Octagon, I’m proud to report that we are all undergoing testing to advance up from our white belts. Next step: flag pants! We took the dog to the vet, attended our ward Christmas party, and had tithing settlement. We went to the post tree lighting ceremony. It was a very “Whoville” experience. Last night we had a good time looking at clips from National Geographic Channel’s Big Cat Week and seeing our hero, Boone, track down some big kitties with his friends.

This week we will have a few dentist/doctor appointments, haircuts, family photos taken, our car tuned-up, the annual Gingerbread House party, and we are going to see the Moscow Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker. I also plan (ha ha) to get out some Christmas cards, so if you think we don’t have a good address for you, please send it to us so you can get our card this year. It’s been several years since I’ve sent out cards, and it could be a few years until you get another one, so take advantage of the offer! 🙂

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