This past week went by pretty quickly. There was no school/work on Friday, so that helped. This week we attended our Tae Kwon Do class together. One particularly busy day we stopped by the newly opened post Burger King (1st time since returning from Germany, I think) for some dinner.  Gus was in heaven. He said, “This is the life!”  **Usually I make them eat lentils in some form or another, almost every day, and lots of organic veggies, so 20 chicken nuggets and a soda must have felt like a treat.

This week we were also planning a trip to the temple at Winter Quarters (Omaha) with our bishop from Germany and  his family, but they spent the week fighting a stomach bug and pulled out at the last minute.  We  decided to go anyway.  We went ahead with our plans to send Rosie to a pet ‘resort’ for the time we were gone. It was relaxing without her, but we missed her, and I’m pretty sure she was stressed out to be there by the way she behaved when we picked her up on Saturday afternoon.

We drove up to Omaha and took turns attending the temple on Friday afternoon. Then we stayed at Offutt AFB over night, and went to Cabela’s on Saturday morning. I think it was the boys’ first time at Cabela’s, with mixed results.  I was surprised when Andy suggested the activity.  He likes shopping the least in our family. Regardless, looking at stuffed animals and guns doesn’t really float 3/4 of our family for very long. The best part of the store was watching the fish in the aquarium. There was a huge blue catfish who would come up to the glass and “kiss” you if you tried to kiss it and were close enough, which I was.  He was pretty cute, for a fish.

Sunday was Andy’s birthday.  At precisely 12:04 AM I was awakened by Gus telling me he had puked. He was up and down for the rest of the ‘morning’ so by the time the sun was up, we didn’t want to be. I had all these nice plans to make breakfast in bed, or at least something special, for Andy, but I didn’t have time or energy for it.  He did get to stay home from church with Gus, though.  After church I was secretly hoping he’d have dinner ready (ha ha ha) but I guess he is excused since it was his birthday.  I made him a special dinner by request, dessert and all..and no lentils were involved.  I’m so lucky he is low maintenance, easy to be entreated, and very forgiving. I’m still working on a card and gift. 

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