This week has been a pretty crazy one. On Monday, I had to miss a few hours of work to take Bryce to the doctor for a follow-up of his little problem last Friday. On Tuesday, I missed even more time at work while Bryce was re-X-rayed and casted. On Wednesday, I missed all of work to attend a funeral in Manhattan, KS for a friend. On Thursday, the boys both finished up their soccer season with wins. (Gus is with the blue hat at the back.)

On Friday, after parent teacher conference, I drug the boys visiting teaching for two hours. Once we got home, Bryce told me that his thumb was feeling numb, and had been feeling numb for the last 2-3 days. DAYS! I was ready to deliver a pile drive to the face. Why didn’t he tell me? Anyway, we drove to the doctor, had his cast cut off, and examined. Sure enough, there was a pressure point inside his cast causing the numbness. They re-casted his arm, and we spent the afternoon in and out of the clinic checking for the returning of feeling to his thumb. (Maybe if I hit it with hammer he would get some feeling back.) I had to stress to both boys the importance of their telling me of any injury/abnormality concerning an injury ASAP, not 2-3 days later.

Andy went camping with the other YM/Scout leaders for some sort of BSA certification where they learned how to start a fire by farting, or something, so I had the boys all day Saturday, too. I took them to RS Super Saturday all morning. In the afternoon, I humored them by getting them Halloween costumes, pumpkins and decorations.

And today, on the way to church, we passed this video store. I had to laugh when I saw the marquee. This isn’t the first time this same message has been displayed. I guess it’s a reminder we aren’t too far from Missouri.






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