Captain Undies

Every thing has its’ surprises. This week was no exception. Even though there was no school on last Monday, by Wednesday, I was ready for the week to be over. When Friday finally came, I was soo ready to relax. Alas, no such thing for me.

On Tuesday my class at school took a field trip to the Fire Station. It was rather uneventful. Everything went smoothly. But let’s just say that last night I had a dream that I was on a field trip with the class and one student fell off of a boat into the river. I tried to jump in to save him, but woke up trying to figure out the best way to get my cowboy boots off fast enough.

I think Wednesday was a full moon. There is a reason for the word lunatic. It seems to bring out the “best” in people. (See following pic of Gus in his latest get-up) This week my student was said to be up all night concocting a complex game that involved waking everyone else in the family. (After this, why would you send him to school??) Anyway, I had the school call his mom and pick him up after lunch.

On Friday it was “Pumpkin” day for the kindergarteners. It was a very looong and messy day. I was looking forward to coming home and relaxing. Except, Andy had a social function planned for shortly after school, and Bryce had an impromptu soccer practice. So, after chasing away the neighborhood boys, and making Bryce get his cleats on, and loading up all of the junk for Andy’s event, and yelling at the boys to get in the car, Bryce still doesn’t make it. He somehow manages to injure himself by tripping and falling on the concrete patio whilst trying to exit the backyard fence. The description of events is rather elusive and hazy, so we aren’t really sure what happened. I’ve found some clues to a possible incriminating chain of events, but no confession has come forward. Nonetheless, after dropping Andy and Gus off at his function, Bryce and I spent the evening in the ER taking x-rays and trying to understand the Russian doctor on duty. Lovely.

Throw in a primary program practice (Sat) and program (Sun), a birthday party, loads of laundry, home teachers, dishes and this week’s food prep, and there goes the weekend. Somehow work this week is looking a lot more relaxing than staying home. And yes, that is underwear on his head.


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