Thank goodness for Columbus. Because of him, we had a three day weekend! I am a little perturbed that instead of getting more things accomplished over the weekend, I seem to have created more work. Hmmm.

It all started off when sometime last week I decided to move around the bedroom furniture in the boys’ rooms. That meant that I would also be moving beds up from the basement, and beds down to the basement, and dressers up and down and all around. It all sounded so easy. For a few days, we had a queen mattress set sitting up in our living room. When we finally got up the juju to move it downstairs, we discovered what we really already knew. Box springs don’t bend around corners, and certainly not our downstairs corner. I spent all day today slowly deconstructing the box spring and incrementally wedging it into the stairwell…and then un-wedging and re-deconstructing, over and over. I’m sure I’ve inhaled some lead-based paint in the process. Up, down, shove, pull, twist, any way you might, we tried. We “repositioned” hooks, doors, drywall, paint, light fixtures, ceiling tile corners, and railings to no avail. We even tried to go through the storm door. I’m sure the neighbors were laughing, several times. No amount of eagle powers was going to help us fit a wide rectangle through a narrow rectangle.

Finally, as the sun was setting, I decided that rather than be defeated and have to relinquish my grand scheme to have the queen bed in the basement, I would much rather take the box spring apart completely. I’ve learned a lot about the construction of box springs today: They are a cheaply made necessity; a lot of nothing for a lot of dough. People with power staple guns are wasteful and sloppy. Mattress cover material frays very easily.

By 7pm I got that baby downstairs by myself and was putting it back together with wood screws. I wish I’d had the gumption to just take it all apart at 10 am this morning and saved myself a lot of effort all day instead of trying to do a little to see how far a little would go. I’m still not finished with the reconstruction. Maybe Wednesday.

In other news, I managed to pass my cold off to Andy. We’ll see if the boys escape.

Over the weekend we went out to a Mexican restaurant. We hardly go out to eat. Well, maybe be do, but it feels like I make food so much that in comparison to my cooking, we hardly go out. Anyway, as soon as the drinks were served, the boys both said, “I love this place.” (Any place with free refills is on their favorite lists. They are easy critics.) The food was ok. The atmosphere was nice. My favorite part was looking over the handwritten order that our waitress left. Our order included:

Chicken nugets


Fhis Tacos

Enchilada Supreme

4 Rut Beer

Chis dip

I wish I would have taken a picture. I should have ordered puppies and volleyball. We sat in corner of the restaurant and this was part of the eclectic mural behind us. Very random.


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