round 2

So I feel like I’ve started all over again…that is, the month.  September flew by!  Working every day sure makes the time go quickly.  I don’t get compensated nearly enough to make it truly worthwhile, but at least it’s a steady job, and more is coming in than going out.

I started off the month with another cold (like last month). I pulled out another of Gus’ teeth.  I did shave my legs this time, but I’d like to get around to painting my nails, and I haven’t had time for that yet. I stated reading some books, about 4 at once, and decided that I didn’t like 3 of them and stopped. (I’m half way through the 4th.)  I almost finished the front yard landscaping project, but I got a little distracted (typical of me).  In the meantime, I decided to seriously rearrange the bedrooms, so now three rooms are in total chaos, with no end in sight.  Andy is barely staying afloat with his studies, so the heavy lifting will have to wait until he gets it together. Sorry, boys.

Most days at work, for most of the day, I am in a kindergarden classroom. After lunch, they have rest time.  There is something special about rest time that makes many otherwise healthy and vibrant children suddenly feel ill and plead for the school nurse. Over the past month the ailments have been quite comic, so I decided to jot down a few. Some of these complaints are daily occurrences, with some more frequently than once, during the short half hour of the afternoon siesta. And once one kid gets up to complain about something, then they all suddenly have some sort of symptom attack:

“I have a fever. You just can’t tell.” (Really?  How can you tell?)

“My arm is burning.” (Um, where are the flames?)

“I feel like I have a snake in my hair.” (Yuck.  I’m not looking at that one.)

“When I lay down, my forehead hurts.” (Lie on your side)

“My mumble-mumble mumble. Can I go to the nurse?”  (Um, no)

“I have a bruise. It really itches.” (Thank you for telling me)

“My button broke.” (Hmmm.)

“My head feels hot.” (Pedro?)

“My leg is broken in three places, but you can’t see it. My mom is taking me to the doctor after school.” (Boys=less drama=grateful mom)

“Ms. Angela, you can come to my house anytime.” (This girl also said she’d ask her mom if I could come over to watch her TV since I told her I didn’t have one. So sweet.)

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