This week was the first time that I have felt cold since being here in Kansas, and I mean, frosty to the bone.  It was a few mornings ago when I went to take Rosie for a walk.  It was a little windy, and with the high humidity, no amount of clothes will protect you from the initial shock of a sudden drop in temps before sunrise.  It’s really a pleasant change, as for the past month, it had been usually muggy and warm even at 7am.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays our entire family is taking a Tae Kwon Do class together. It is pretty hilarious.  One our our neighbors drove by and paused. She said, “I know you guys are Mormons, but what’s up with the outfits?”  555.  I’ll have to get a pic sometime soon.  The boys are learning the self discipline we were unable to instill in them, slowly.  The boys also have soccer on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Bryce is really enjoying his team, but Gus is perhaps wishing for a little more action.  I hope his team learns quickly, or he will be very bored.  This week are their first games. I’ll try to remember to bring the camera.

At school this week Bryce had an Ancient Culture Bazarr. His group was representing the Incas, so he’s been studying about them for the last few weeks.  On Tuesday he came home and told me of a great idea he had for his team, so we stayed up, made a huge mess, and came up with a pretty cool project.  I was really impressed that Bryce had such an idea on his own and the motivation to get it done in one night.  In fact, he wanted to keep on creating and I had to tell him to stop.

A small man and his Lama

Yesterday the boys were invited to a birthday party at Worlds of Fun, an amusement park in KC.  They had a great time and have been telling me about each ride in great detail.  I’m not sure why, but Gus can accurately describe every loop, turn and drop of each ride, as if he is reliving it in his mind as he tells you. It’s the kind of details that drive me crazy, like when he talks about his dreams. The highlight: One of the little boys that went with them threw up on the roller coaster as it was coming into a stop.  He was sitting next to Bryce.  As Bryce described the event; “It was at the end of the ride, and I saw a penny on the floor and just as I reached down to get it, he threw up. (Laugh, laugh).”  Gross.  BTW He didn’t end up with the penny.


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