358 days

Bryce informed me that there are only this many days until his 11th birthday.  Ten years ago, he was a one week old baby in Germany. I was wondering why someone would want to come to Earth at such a time. He is blessed to have lived his life thus far in relative peace, prosperity and stability regardless of the events surrounding his birth. We all are. He had a good bithday. We had a small party for him.  We set up a Nerf shooting range in the backyard and had the neighborhood boys over. They all came with their guns and ammo.  It was a good time.  It took a while to find and sort out all of the bullets afterwards.  Bryce got some guns and ammo as gifts, and also the game “Risk,” which he has been frothing at the mouth about ever since being introduced to it this summer.

This week has been nice. The weather has finally cooled off enough that we no longer feel sticky. It is actually cooling off at night, and we’ve been wearing sweaters to school in the morning.  I even think there are fewer bugs.  The A/C has only been on a few times this week, as opposed to several times a day.  It has rained a few times, and not in the basement.  I am getting over my cold.

On Friday night we got a babysitter. Andy and I went to a shopping area in KC called Legends. We ate at Five Guys for the first time. My conclusion: Just because it tastes better doesn’t make it healthy. (In fact, I felt like a porker afterwards.  Disgusting.) We still had a good time.  On the way home Andy and I were discussing how much to pay the babysitter.  I was encouraging him to be generous, but he was using some sort of formula to calculate something exact in his mind.  After I took her home, Gus divulged to me that the babysitter had actually paid him money, almost a dollar, to cooperate and play the game “Risk” with her and Bryce.  (After only one week, we are all burnt out of “Risk,” except Bryce.) Then I really felt dumb and bad for Andy’s economizing. I knew Andy should have paid her more, poor thing.  Not only did she have to play Risk with Bryce, but she had to bribe Gus to play, too. She’ll probably never babysit for us again.

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