Mi vida

The last two weeks were relatively calm. That’s perhaps why I didn’t write earlier. There were some items of record: 20110904-215915.jpg
Gus lost his first tooth (actually, I took it from him). I got a job. Rosie almost climbed the fence, two times. I had my first EKG. We all came down with colds. I went visiting teaching. We had two classes and signed the family up for Tae Kwon Do, went to a pack meeting, and made the trek out to the temple in Winter Quarters. Bryce turned 10 (today) and I made his favorite food, schnitzel and fried potatoes for dinner. I invited all the neighborhood boys over for a Nerf shooting party tomorrow. I’m behind on cleaning and laundry, and I still haven’t finished my little landscaping project in the front yard, nor shaved my legs recently.
I’d say life is back to normal.


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