In, but not settled, ever I fear

So this week has been a pretty busy week for all of us. All the boys took Rosie for a walk, so I’d better hurry and write about them before they come back.  It all began last Sunday when our entire family was asked to speak in church.  Aside from the usual wiggles and giggles, the boys did well, and didn’t even try to pick their noses while seated on the stand.  A few weeks ago I was quickly snatched up to be the primary pianist, and this week Andy was called into the Young Men’s presidency.

On Monday, I got a massage.  I should have saved it for the end of the week, but I still enjoyed it.   (Oh no. The boys are back! I’d better be nice.)

On Monday afternoon, the boys were playing with their posse of friends, and Gus came in excitedly, and forlornly, to proclaim that he had run into a truck and made a big dent.  Of course, he was followed by all of his friends in bike helmets, who were trying to recount the details all at the same time.  At this very moment, Andy was preparing to take the dog for a walk, and had her on a leash (she gets very excited about this) and  apparently she couldn’t handle the excitement so she ended up biting one of Gus’ friends, and drawing blood. He went wailing out of the house.  I went after him, while Andy got more details of the collision.  Anyway, I’m not sure how it happened, but Gus broadsided a parked vehicle and left an imprint of the front of his bike on the back fender.  For the rest of the week we’ve been fielding insurance claim questions and trying to be extra nice to the neighbors.   (Gus’ friend is fine, too, though I haven’t seen him get too close to Rosie in the last few days.) So I’m pretty sure we’re known as the family with the vicious dog and demolition derby kid. (Rosie tried to eat the neighbors Shitz tzu  last week)

Later in the week I decided to finish my little landscaping project to try and prevent the washing away of our front yard into the street and sidewalk.  We’ve had a couple of Midwest-sized thunderstorms this week and our yard is pretty much a bog.  We’ve lost several large tree branches, which miraculously missed smashing windshields.  I’m not sure how to get grass to grow, as everything just keeps washing away.  I enjoy working outside when I want to neglect housework. It’s also a good way to relieve stress.

On Thursday the electric company finally came and marked their underground lines so we could have a fence put in.  On Thursday night we had another storm, which washed away about 50%of their markings.  We had another storm on Friday night.  On Saturday morning the fence guys came (they were supposed to come on Friday).  They put in the fence, but about half of the size that I was envisioning.  I think they were nervous about the missing markings.  Better safe than sorry, I guess.  At least it’s done.  Too bad the backyard is a mud bog.  I was looking forward to keeping the dog out there, but it’s just not suitable right now.

And it turns out that our basement is also boggy, as I went down to check something while the fence was being put in on Saturday morning and stepped into about a 1/2 inch of water at the bottom of the stairs.  Luckily nothing of value was damaged, and only a small area around the stairwell was wet, but it is always a headache to deal with water inside.  Now we have to worry about mold and mildew.

Throw in a couple of social obligations that we had to attend to this week, and that pretty much sums it up.  I’m looking forward to another great week.  (I really meant it!!)   Despite the chaos, I am really enjoying living here. It’s 231% better than where we were in Missouri, and it’s not Texas, Oklahoma, or Utah.  This week can only be better!

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