Crystal Ball

Leavenworth, Kansas is famous for many things. It was the first city in Kansas, and um…lots of other things that are um….important. Anyway, it happens to be that location of several high priority incarceration facilities.  There is the United States Penitentiary, and U.S. Disciplinary Barracks, and a couple of others.  The problem is not that these places abound just next door. The problem is that the physical facilities are grand and gorgeously kept.  While driving past the ‘big’ jail the other day, Gus remarked that someday he wanted to go there, just to see what it’s like.  Hmmm.  After telling him that he never wanted to go there, he said he did, just to visit.  It’s a sad thing when the best looking buildings around you are federal prisons. (I miss Europe!)

Last weekend they held something called PAIR day here on post.  (Some military acronym for something, of course.) It was a gathering of a lot of organizations and businesses in the community to showcase everything to all of the new (and some old) people on the post.  There were free give-aways, such as vampire teeth, and food, candy, clowns with balloons, and people dressed in giant costumes.  The boys both protested going, but ended up with some cool stuff and had a good time.  We were able to meet the local dentist, eye doctors, shop owners, gun enthusiasts, judo masters and more. What’s not to love?  Lucky for us, we were able to see an Imperial Guard. The boys told me it’s pretty rare to see one.

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