Your name is Napoleon??

First Day of School

The boys started school this week.  I think they like it, even though Gus tells me regularly that he wishes he could just do home school again.  I hope the second week is a bit more engaging and challenging for him.  Boredom can be a child’s worst enemy at school.  I know it was mine.  I’m a little disappointed that there isn’t a full school week until December.  Each week they have either a day off, or an early release day for “staff development.”  That’s a lot of developing, if you ask me.

I know it’s taken us some time, but we finally let the boys watch the movie Napoleon Dynamite.  We just didn’t want them adopting some of the famous phrasings used in the film. But now thanks to public school, Napoleon is quite harmless compared to what they learn and repeat there.  Anyway,  on Friday afternoon, I walked to the school to meet the boys.  As soon as Gus came up to me, he pulled not one, but TWO tater tots out of his pocket, made sure everyone around saw what he had, and then he ate them.  Boys are so gross.

Back on the home front, we are finally getting settled.  We must have a habit of moving into houses with ugly paint, because this one was no exception.  (Well, maybe it’s not ugly paint, but it just doesn’t suit our stuff, so to me, that’s ugly.)  Usually military housing is standard white, but our house was painted brown and putty-brown.  Blah!  It wouldn’t be so bad except that ALL of our furniture is brown, and we get very little natural light in our living room, and there are no light fixtures in the living room either.  If I were to leave the walls brown, we would live in a cave. I decided to do something about it before all of our furniture came.  What else was there to do?  (I’ll be re-caulking the bathrooms soon btw.)

I decided to paint the living room with a paint brush.  The boys told me it looked ugly, but what do they know about how walls should look, right?  It took me two days to get both rooms painted.  The paint dried just in time to hang the clocks when the movers came the next day.

Amazingly, all of our furniture fits in this house, including the piano.  There is still room to move around, but no more wide open spaces that we were so used to. We’ve decided that we have too much stuff, so we’ve filled our downstairs bathroom with all of the things we are ready to part with.  We just did this before moving, so we must have developed an aversion to more of our stuff while crossing the ocean, or we just got tired of finding a place to put it.  Either way, more stuff is on its way out.

One thing I miss greatly is the kitchen I had in Germany.  It’s not very often that you get to pick the lay-out and components of a kitchen from scratch.  I was really lucky.  Here in this house, the kitchen was most decidedly designed by a man in the last century, a man who never spent time in the kitchen. A man who didn’t know much about modern appliances, or washing dishes, or accessible storage.  A man who secretly didn’t want to eat, because he designed a kitchen that no woman in her right mind would want to enter to work.  For all of you who think and remark that Andy looks like he has lost weight since the last time you saw him, you can blame that man, whomever he is…and stay out of the kitchen!The Kitchen of the Year

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