No candy on Sunday!

This photo is of the Missouri River, about a five minutes drive from our home. Missouri is on the far side of the river.

It really is beautiful and green around here. I wasn’t kidding!

I think we are finally to the end of unpacking, at least I am mentally. There are just a few boxes of books left, and some winter clothes. Now the challenge is where to put all if the things we took out of boxes. We’ve already designated a room that is full of things we want to get rid of. (I thought we did this right before we moved!!)

I glad it is Sunday, a day of rest. I need it. I know I’ve been getting a little overworked lately because I found myself trying to convince the boys that “we don’t eat candy because it tastes good” at the dinner table yesterday. When they all looked at me and laughed (to include Andy), I realized that I had a problem and needed to come up with a REALLY good answer to their “then why DO we eat candy?” replies. The best I could do was to tell them authoritatively that “we eat candy because we want to rot out teeth.” Yes!


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