End of Summer Fun

We got all of our stuff finally delivered on Tuesday, and it’s been a mess ever since. Maybe in  a week or two everything will be where it needs to be.  To help things along, school begins for the boys on Tuesday. I can’t wait!! (Free babysitting) There is just no room for them with all of this stuff around to be helpful, or careful, or useful, and it’s been too hot to play outside. Thank goodness that we have great neighbors who also have little boys and who are happy to have our boys over to play while we get settled.  I’ve wanted to throw a few too many punches lately in the chaos, and it will be safer for all of us when the boys are away.

We went and registered the boys at the school down the street. The building is awesome, and I was excited. But, yesterday we had a school meeting with the principal, and then I was again reminded how much I dislike the public educational system, and I was disappointed and disillusioned.  At least the principal didn’t start off by saying that she and the teachers are the most important people in our kids education, like the principal in Germany said.  I just hope we don’t have another wasted academic year.  I figure all school administration must go through some kind of training on how to dress and act the same, the entire world over.  Dry, dull, blah.  (No offense to any personal friends who are in school administration, but really….do they coach you on how to dress and act?)

Anyway, we found the much hyped Thai restaurant in downtown Leavenworth this week. It was really authentic, to include only Thai staff, and Lad Nah.  Mom, we want to know what this carving is about. We decided he was eating the moon.

And to finish the week off, we are celebrating our anniversary today, #12.  Sure seems like a long time.  I must be old.  
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