There are a few redeeming qualities of life in the Midwest. Let me think…
-Green: Everything is green, like in Germany, except different. Different trees, grass and plants, but still green.
-Humid: I actually love humidity. (My hair does not.) It is nice not to carry around lip balm and lotion all the time. And I don’t mind that “I’m living in a Sauna” feeling.
-Fireflies: The first time I saw lightning bugs was in Missouri in 2000. I still love them.
-Purty: Kansas actually becomes hilly and beautiful (east of Ft. Riley). I’d have to say it is rather stunning. I imagine that those quintessential American photo shoots, with flags and BBQs and little girls skipping around in sun dresses, took place somewhere close by, with echoes of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn floating down the river next door.
-It’s not hard to visualize Eden hidden somewhere behind a bunch of trees here.
-Bonus: Out where we are, it’s close enough to walk to Missouri.
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