Old folks

This afternoon whilst walking to Foxy’s we serendipitously met up with Andy’s friend and his party. Immediately they hustled us onto their boat and we sped off in the very direction from which we had just walked. It was such a happy reunion for all if them. (Alcohol helps)20110704-215318.jpg
Harvey turned 40 today. He was telling everybody he is 30. He had the biggest smile on his face after reuniting with Andy. He loves Andy like a brother. I’m glad I made Andy plan this trip. Seeing Harvey’s face when he saw Andy was more than worth it.

We are staying on Jost Van Dyke in an inn called the Perfect Pineapple. It is about 100 meters from the beach of White Bay. It is run by the son of the owner of Foxy’s. We love it. It’s not the Ritz, but who needs the Ritz? This is the Caribbean!!20110704-215402.jpg
We spent the afternoon with Harvey and his Puerto Rican entourage on his chartered boat. We drove around to Little Harbor in search of “langosta” at Harvey’s request. At Abe’s bar and restaurant we hand picked our lobsters for dinner. They were huge!! We each split one and shared.20110704-215417.jpg
We watched the sun go down on the beach tonight. Some people told us we would be able to see fireworks from the beach. Well, we waited for a while but eventually gave up and went back to our room. It was already pitch black, but no fireworks. We were getting tired so we opted out. The funny thing was that when we checked the clock, it was only 8:20pm. Old folks.


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