So…..What’s the best way to get over serious jet lag? Answer: Go back towards the time zone you came from…and leave the kids with grandma!

Andy and I are in the British Virgin Islands to meet up with his Puerto Rican friend, Harvey, from Afghanistan for his 40th birthday. His party will be tomorrow at Foxy’s Bar. We did a little recon of the place tonight. Lots of things to look at, which is good, cuz it can get pretty boring in a bar if you’re not drinking.

Last night we spent in St. Thomas at a small inn called The Two Sandals by the Sea near Red Hook and Secret Harbor. We stayed in the Malibu room. It was awesome. The owners, Helen and Jun, are so friendly and helpful. The room had a great view of Red Hook, only ten minutes walk away.

This morning we ventured off to church. We got a ride to the ferry dock and caught a taxi. Thank goodness for taxi driver wisdom. There aren’t really addresses on St Thomas, so finding it by ourselves would have been impossible.

The branch there has its own real building. It was really a great experience to go. We met an Army vet, federal prosecutor, FBI agent, (who was packing) and a lady who worked in special Ed in Dubai. So much excitement in such a small group. Why doesn’t home seem so interesting?

We got a ride from church back to the ferry dock where we waited, and waited and waited for a very, very tardy ferry to Jost Van Dyke. We were the only passengers on the ferry. The ride was very choppy, but here we are. It has been raining throughly all evening, part of the day, and last night. More rain is forecast for tomorrow and the next. So much for Caribbean sun and sand. It seems like we brought the German weather with us, so we feel right at home.


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