Sir Cumference

The boys love to tell the elders jokes.  Last Sunday we had them over and they told one about “Sir Cumference” and circles.  Very dorky, but what can I expect, right??

So we’ve made it full circle ourselves, and are back in the hotel we stayed in almost two years ago.  Not much has changed here.  I miss our house, but I’m glad to be done cleaning it and not have to worry about it anymore.  Plus,  the hotel bed is 2 million times better than the loaner Army bed we’ve had since shipping our own, and free breakfast is a nice perk.

We’ve been working hard all week long to get cleared out of our house, and on the post. It is a lot of work. I’m looking forward to just being done and getting on a plane (hopefully I won’t have to sit next to the boys, but usually I have to) and relaxing for a change. I need a BVI vacation!

I’ll certainly miss everything about being here. I mean….who gets excited to move to Kansas anyway?  I’m sure there are some surprises that I’ll enjoy, but there’s really no place like Bavaria, or Germany, or Germans or Bavarians, anywhere in the world.  Sigh. And no Autobahn. 😦

Here’s a photo of one of our favorite houses to drive past during the summer. We call it the “crazy house with all the flowers.”

Next is a photo of  our awesome landlord, Norbert Wening. I still don’t really understand what he’s saying, but I’m getting better.

And here’s a photo Bryce took of himself in the bathroom mirror, just for fun.

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