Goodbye Sally

This week:

  • We liberated our pet, Sally the snail.  It was a bitter-sweet parting. I miss Sally. She’s moved on to greener pastures/hedges.  It is pretty pathetic when you get too lazy to take care of a pet snail, and you have to let it go.  I’m not sure anyone else misses it.
  • Andy spent a few days helping our friends build a rock wall in their backyard.  I hear it’s very nice.  I’ll go see it on Tuesday to make sure.
  • I mowed the lawn for the last time, weeded the garden, and tied up the rose bush….I’ll miss the roses! 😦
  • I went to a little award ceremony for Andy. His boss came into town for the presentation.

  • I attended a stake training with the Area Presidency and Sister Barbara Thompson. It was really great. I had to play music for the meeting, and got stuck sitting at the organ for the entire time.  It was not soft.
  • We went to the temple and stayed at the hostel there. I’ll miss not having a place to stay at the temple. It makes for a nice weekend and gives us a good chance to have the boys experience the Spirit there and see how important it is to our family.  It’s the next best thing to living next to the temple.



  • We both had to speak in church this Sunday, so we spent some time writing our talks
  • I made chocolate chip cookies for the men in our ward for Father’s Day.

One good thing that comes from moving is that when your friends realize that you are leaving, they want to have you over for dinner or take you out to restaurants. I feel like I haven’t cooked for a while. It’s great!  I should start leaving much earlier next time!

Bryce entertains with the Rubik's cube

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