Busy Body

You may remember that Gus is full of what some might call life, spirit, excitement, hot air, whatever.  Well, he has had a pretty full week.

It began with him sketching our family.  I’m not really sure who the large-headed gentleman is looming over us all.  He must be unfriendly, because we all seem to be scowling. 

Next, Gus excitedly got his first pet, Sally/Shelly/Slim-ee/Slimy/Snaily (changes names frequently).  We hijacked him from the yard. He/She (changes gender frequently) lives in an old gummy bear container, and loves to eat all the lettuce that has been wasting away in the fridge due to E. Coli concerns.  He/She is pretty cute, for a snail. His shell is about the size of an apricot. Don’t worry, we’ll release him before we move. 

Before bed a few days ago, Gus was trying to describe how he was feeling after suffering a day of allergy-itchy-watery eyes.

Here’s a paraphrase:

Gus: Mom, do you know how like when you like are really thirsty and you imagine that you like have something really juicy in your mouth, but you don’t? Well, that’s how my eyes feel.

Today Gus came home from school with something he called a magic rock, given to him from a friend on the bus.  He was very enthusiastic about it’s magic capabilities.  It was supposed to magically grow.  Well, after sitting in a glass of water, it melted away completely.  I’m sure he’ll find something else to rave about soon.

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