Yesterday Twenty-one

We’ve been pretty busy this month.  Even though I always try to avoid it, there is always the last minute rush to do those things that I should have done at the beginning. For some of them, the chance is gone, for others, there’s still time!   One example of a missed opportunity:  There is a little, aluminum shack that sells sandwiches close to the base that was never open while we were here.  I always wanted to get a picture of it because the name of it was “Natural Born Sandwich Maker.”  I’m not sure what that means, since I never saw the products, nor the workers.  In the last few weeks they have taken down the sign.  Sigh.  One thing that there is still time to do is re-caulk the bathtub.  Yippy!  It’s probably needed the job done about 5 years ago, but now, since there is nothing left to do in the house, the tub has been calling my name.

Some other fun things we have done:

Attended a birthday party for the boys best friend, “Benox.” I organized it for his parents at the bowling alley on post. It was a lot of fun.  We will all miss our German friends.

Not wanting to miss another photo opportunity, I made sure to stop and get a picture of the local playing field open all year round….for curling, of course. It’s in the middle of a farm field, just off the highway.

I also snapped a photo of our neighbors’ gnome house.  It’s quite elaborate, to even include a miniature street lamp and gnome pets.  I want one.  Gus said he thinks it looks like a miniature of our house.

Forget Spirit houses. Gnome houses is where it’s at!

We also had two families over for FHE last Monday. One of the families brought Harry Potter Clue, and the kids all had a great time playing, even though Andy and the other dad won.

It looks like we’ll be pretty busy until we leave…so stay tuned. You’ll never know what you’ll see next!

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