Every night we try to read the boys a bedtime story. A few years ago we started on the entire Chronicles of Narnia, to include The Boy and His Horse, and other lesser known titles. Recently we finished reading them V.M. Hillyer’s A Child’s History of the World.  Right now, we are reading them a story that they can’t get enough of, none other than David Copperfield. They love it. Perhaps they feel a sort of kinship with Mr. Copperfield.  Every night they beg to read “just one more chapter.”  I wonder what they find so intriguing.  Is it the episodes of forced manual labor, and abandonment to a hard life? Do they long to live in an upside-down ship on the seashore? Does their aunt wish they were girls named Betsy?

Unfortunately, we are almost done with the book.  What shall we read next?

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