I found this article a few days ago.  It is about our local Army base.  You must read some of the comments at the bottom.  So very enlightening.


I’ve been thinking a lot about our neighborhood and nearby forest.  Even though we’ve been here for almost 2 years, there have been some things I haven’t discovered until very recently.  One of them is the cuckoo birds, which I have a hard time remembering how to spell.  If you’ve never heard a real cuckoo bird, then don’t worry. They sound exactly like a cuckoo clock. In fact, when I heard the birds, I had to check the time to make sure I wasn’t hearing someone’s clock ringing. I’ve heard them several times recently. It must be their mating season, since I haven’t heard it at any other time of the year. It’s one very cool thing about Germany.

Another discovery in the woods recently:  Snakes! Someone once asked me about snakes in Germany. I’d never seen any, so I didn’t think there were any. Well, over the past weeks, I’ve seen two; one dead, and one alive.  Since it was while I was out jogging, I didn’t have a camera. Here’s my best rendition of how they look:

Ok, ok. They don’t look like that.  They are actually the size of a Chernobyl earthworm, similar in color, about 7-8 inches long and no wider than my pinky finger.  Bird food.

I’ve also been thinking a lot of going veg for a while, for personal health reasons, but recent developments in the local German produce department make it bad timing. Two days ago at the grocery store they were clearing the shelves of all tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers right before my eyes. I think they would have removed any from my cart if I would have had any. (I bought celery instead.) It reminds me of the movie with Edward Norton in China.  Last night we went out to a biergarten for dinner, and we ate salad.  I guess we’ll see what happens!

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