Lately May

Wow. May is over. It has been a climactic/traumatic month in our family, near and far. And we are sending it out with a bang. We’re headed to the Berchtesgarden area for the long weekend. (That’s where the Eagle’s Nest is.) I’ve been a little depressed this month, so I haven’t been as reliable at keeping up the blog as I hoped. And since I am motivated to procrastinate some landscaping projects, I will blog instead to make myself feel productive.

At the beginning of the month, I held a baby shower here for my friend. The boys were full of “WHY” questions. They didn’t realize that she was expecting, even at 7 months along. (That made her happy!) We had a good time, lots of food, and NO stupid baby shower games. I hate those. A few days afterwards, Gus interrogated me at the dinner table:

Gus: Mom, do you feel normal when you sit?

Mom: Yes.

Gus: Do you feel normal when you stand?

Mom: Yes.

Gus: Do you feel normal when you walk?

Mom: (getting annoyed with why he is taking so long to get to the point, but still looking patient) Yes.

Gus: Do you feel normal when you lay down?

Mom: Yes.

Gus: Good. That means you aren’t going to have a baby soon. (Mom very relieved the questions are over.)

Thank goodness for the Gus-baby-detection-method. I don’t think I would have noticed if I were going to have baby soon with out it. (Which I AM NOT, so don’t get any ideas in your heads!)

The next week was Mother’s Day, which was very subdued in our family as we learned of the unexpected passing of a dear cousin a few days earlier. I’m still dealing with it. I haven’t told the boys yet. Life changed forever for some wonderful people that day. It became very hard. (For those outside the Gibson clan, it would be like Andy losing Mike, only worse.)

To keep busy, and distracted, we had all of our house packed up and shipped away a few days after Mother’s Day. (See previous posts). It sure is easy to clean the floors when there is no furniture or toys to work around. I am frequently asked if I’m worried about my baby Ed Seiler (the piano) making his first trip across the Atlantic or our antique stuff. Well, I’ve never been too attached to things, and I’ve proclaimed it before, but after the events in our family this month, I am convinced that things are just things. It’s all just stuff. It doesn’t really matter in life. Who cares if all of your favorite cool shoes get ruined in the move. Who cares if the table gets broken, all the pottery you’ve collected is smashed to pieces, or even if Ed Seiler becomes good for only firewood. Cry over people, not stuff. You can’t take stuff with you. I’m totally emotionally detached.


Moving on…the day after the movers finished, Andy took a professional field trip, called a Staff Ride with his boss, et al, to the Remagen Bridge. He had a good time and still tries to talk to me about it. He likes that kind of history stuff. Feel free to ask him about it, so he can share. It has Army Engineer significance.

A few days later we took the boys to a falconry in nearby Schillingsfürst. It was awesome, even though Gus wouldn’t shut his trap, and we couldn’t understand what the staff were talking about for the hour-long presentation. Andy did get smacked in the face by vulture feathers, so I guess it was worth it.

This month we’ve been invited over for dinner by friends several times. It’s great to spend time with friends. We will surely miss all of them when we move. And this past weekend, we even invited ourselves over to our friends’ house at Ramstein. We spent the weekend there enjoying ourselves throughly at the expense of our friends. 555. We love them for it. And I hope they know they are welcome to our house anytime/all the time. The weather was nice enough to pull out the Slip’n’Slide and have popsicles, roast marshmallows at night and spend hours at the park. Must be fun to be a kid.

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