Moving Day #2…El Fin!  I’m going to take credit for it, even if it’s not true.  Because our house was soo organized (by me), it only took the movers 1 1/2 days to load all of our stuff (amazing) instead of the 3 days that we had scheduled.  Oh Yeah!  Even I’m amazed. This works out perfectly, because the man of the house is taking a field trip and won’t even be here tomorrow.

Anyways, lets get down to the nitty gritty.  Germans are very forthcoming people. They are very private, but if they have something to say, there is NO beating around the bush.  For example, my neighbor isn’t shy about soliciting help from me. My other neighbor routinely asks others how they got so big, etc.  So, it is only fitting that the signage to be found around is equally as blunt. Hence, the diaper pail:

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