London Underground

If you have been in a coma, here’s a news flash: The Royal Wedding was last Friday…Easter was two Sundays ago…London is hosting the 2012 Olympics…The US Dollar is worth Squat! Did I miss anything?

Because of the Royal Wedding, all kinds of things were taking place around London, including the closing off of parks, paths, streets, etc.  This made seeing some ‘touristy’ things difficult.  Because it was Easter Holiday, everything was packed.  (Note to self:  Gus doesn’t do well squashed in crowds.)  Also because of the holiday, many things were closed, such as Westminster Abbey and Parliament.  Because of Olympic preparations, the Tube was undergoing serious renovation.  I know I mentioned it a bit before, but really, the Tube is not fully functional.  It’s a bit risky to ride it. You could get stuck.  You could wait for a loooong time for a train that won’t come.  Or, you could hop on a bus that is going somewhere you don’t know, and try your luck at getting close to the destination you want.  We chose the latter, after having done the all the previous.  

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We sought out some Harry Potter sights whilst there…namely Platform 9 3/4 (the real fake one is under construction, so we only got to see a really fake one), and the Ministry of Magic, which was altered for the movie with a double arch and doorway, and no telephone booths. We went on the London Eye. Gus complained all day he didn’t want to go on it, but he enjoyed it. I though it was too slow, and too expensive for all the hype. The best part was an optional 4 minute 4-D movie they showed near the ticket sales.  We saw the Tower of London, went on a river cruise, saw the Crown Jewels, the Tower Bridge, the Science Museum, the British Museum (with the real Rosetta Stone) and Harrod’s.  We had several picnics in the great parks around and generally had a great time and spent a lot of money, even though we were living like peasants. Such is London.

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