Since returning from our trip, I have been working like crazy to dismantle the house. I’ve been moving all the books in the house into one room, and disassembling shelves, beds, benches, etc. I’ve taken down curtains, washed windows, scrubbed walls and doors.  I’ve been emptying baskets, boxes, cupboards, and filling others. I’ve moved all dishes, vases, and such into one area so they are easily wrapped and packed. Our house looks like a bag lady’s paradise.

To add to the chaos, our landlord and his minions showed up last Friday afternoon and set up scaffolding outside. Early Saturday morning they showed up again and spent all day painting the exterior.  I’m waiting for them to show up again sometime soon. The scaffolding is still here.  I think it’s funny because we live in a very quiet village. No traffic, no commotion, no noise, no people (it seems).  But when the landlord comes around with the minions (his nephews), all at once there are a dozen cars parked outside our house and around the corner (taking up almost half of the village), and they are all busily running around like elves or something.  Then they are gone all at once again.

This week I am have officially run out of things to do.  (Hence, blog updating!) I’m ready for the movers to come!  To stave off boredom, I’m throwing a party…amid the piles of stuff.  It should be fantastic. The last hurrah.  We’ll leave behind the best and biggest house we’ll probably ever live in, a great landlord, and fantastic weather, good neighbors, and great friends.  We just sold our BMW last week, so really, what’s left here for me?  The Three AmigosThe boys will be sad to leave their friend. It’s obvious they all love each other, isn’t it?

(p.s. In case you’re confused, the normal-looking one isn’t mine.)

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