I really love spring. I especially love it here in Germany. I love the cloudy, grey skys, and the rain.  I think it accentuates all the many different shades of green that are around.  I hate to complain, but it’s been a bit too sunny here. (I never imagined I say it.)  We haven’t had many grey, rainy days yet. Where are they??  I don’t want to miss out on my last chance. (And perhaps I don’t want to show my sparkle.)

Spring has also brought with it some other fun activities.  Bryce began going to Cub Scouts. He is such a homebody that he really complained about going the first time. But afterwards, he was so excited.  He has loved going each week ever since.  They recently had a Space Derby where they built and raced rockets.  They even had alien cupcakes.  Gus was so jealous about it all.  I’m glad they can have something exciting to do, a boy thing, where their dad can be in charge of it.  They all need that. I need that. The boys have also started soccer again with the neighborhood German team. Gus enjoys going, but Bryce doesn’t.  Once they get there, they both do really well and seem to have a good time.  I just think Bryce would rather stay home and read books. (Ugg).

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