While in Edinburgh, we took a walking tour of the city. We walked all over for about 3 hours. Our guide introduced us to one of “Scotland’s national drinks,” Irn Bru. (say Iron Brew)  He told us the story of the first McDonald’s in Glasgow, Scottland.  The people boycotted the restaurant until they agreed to sell Irn Bru from the soda fountains. After all of his delightful descriptions, we just thought we had to try it. If the people were so adamant about it, it must be good, right?

The verdict:  Irn Bru is kind of like Mountain Dew’s evil cousin (Mountain Dew is evil,too).  But, instead of being iridescent yellow like Mountain Dew, Irn Bru glows orange.  Instead of the sort-of-lemony tang of MD, Irn Bru tastes like cream soda on crack. What they do have in common is unnecessary amounts of sugar, caffeine, and artificial coloring. And to me, they both taste horrible.  Save your pounds. Skip Irn Bru. I should have known that another food sensationalized by the Scots probably wouldn’t suit my fancy.

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