Scotch Tape

This weekend I am going on a trip with my friend to Edinburgh, Scotland. The boys aren’t invited, and this was the topic of discussion at dinner last night.

Andy:  Tomorrow will be your last full day with your mom so you’d better enjoy it.

Bryce: (At me) Where are you going?

Gus: She’s going to Scotland to get away from us because she doesn’t like us and she needs to take a break from us.

Bryce: Why?

Gus: Because she needs to take a break from us!

Bryce: (At me) How long are you going?

Gus: A few days, maybe a week…It depends on if she can get an airplane back or not. (Then at me) You’re going on an airplane, right?

Bryce: Why can’t we go?

Andy: Because it would cost too much.

Bryce: How much? What kind of money do they use in Scotland?

Gus: Seashells!

Apparently, I don’t need to speak to have a conversation with them.

I don’t think they’ll miss me too much.

Haggis,  here I come!

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