Monday Gras

I’m pretty sure the past week didn’t have all 168 hours in it. There just wasn’t enough time to get all the laundry done. In fact, late last week I could no longer open the laundry room, it was so full of dirty clothes. So, today I stayed home most of the day, (in my PJ’s so I didn’t add to the burden, of course) and did laundry. I feel like I’ve climbed Mt. Everest. Twice. The sad reality is that tomorrow, K2 will appear, and I’ll have to climb again. Such is laundry.

This past weekend we spent with our friends. Andy stayed with the kids while Emily and I went to a antique market in Metz, France. It was a fun adventure. There were lots of nice things, at decent prices. The market opened at 7am, and we arrived about 9am. I was told by one of the vendors that everything good leaves at 7am. I’ll just have to go back again another time and see for myself. I purchased two walnut twin bed sets for 200 Euros. 555. This reminds me of the photo of the day.

Our family is obsessed with Nacho, meaning Nacho Libre. Perhaps you have seen him on TV. Gustaf can quote the entire movie and relives much of it daily. Anyway, French people, or maybe flea market people, like to collect porcelain dolls. I couldn’t help myself. I just wanted to poke their eyes out, especially the one on the left.

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