February 2.0

February sure does go by quickly.  Here we are at the end of it, and it seems like it only started yesterday.

For the second half of the month we did some interesting things.  When we found out we were moving this coming summer, we asked the boys where they would most like to visit before we left. They came up with three places: Venice, Paris (Eiffel Tower), and London.  We were able to cross one of those off our list last week.  Check the photo sight for pictures soon. (I’ve been meaning to upload a bunch of pictures, as well as a bunch of Andy’s Adventures in Afghanistan, but my internet connection has been testy, so we’ll see.)

We celebrated Gus’ 7th birthday on the 17th. Our good friends came over, and brought a cake, and we had a nice little party.  Thanks to those who sent things to Gus.  It really helps make up for our laziness as parents. 🙂 We only got him a few very small gifts. I can’t believe the baby is 7 already!

The day after Gus’ birthday we headed to Italy, and stayed at Aviano AFB.  It was the highlight for the boys. They love to stay in hotels on base, where everyone speaks English, and they especially love going to the AFB BX. I’m sure they will love living on post when we move.  They didn’t think much of Venice, but that BX…Wow!  We also went to Soave and Verona, which the boys enjoyed much more. The brain of boys is totally illogical!

I am always amazed to find that things outside of our Katterbach Kaserne are open past 1800, and open on the weekends. We have slim pickings here in Ansbach, but it’s usually not a bother for me.  It’s just comforting to know that if I did need something, somewhere would be open.   Right now, if I don’t get it during the weekday-daylight, I’m SOL. There will be some redeeming things to being in Kansas after all. 

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