Last week we made a mid-week trip. We had planned to be gone over the weekend, but cut our trip short because we were plagued by contagious children’s ailments. Anyway…

On Wednesday we took the boys to Mainz, to stay with some great friends while Andy and I went to a dinner with his boss, The Colonel, in Wiesbaden. (Which brings me to a little side note:  Ten years ago when we first moved to Germany, the Autobahn 3, between Würzburg and Frankfurt, was under construction. Well, it’s still under construction. It is annoying and very congested, and it took forever to get to Mainz. The Germans aren’t efficient in all things, just some things, and construction isn’t one of them. Ok, back to the story.) Also attending the dinner was The Colonel’s boss, The General, “Duke.”  Because of horrible traffic, we arrived 1/2 hour late. Everyone else from the party was already packed into this corner of the restaurant.  We could have easily sat at a small table close to everyone else, but The Colonel insisted we sit with him and The General at the head table, so several important people were further squeezed out/around, so we could be accommodated. It was interesting.  Duke is interesting. He made me realize I don’t ever want to be a general.

The next day was a big, fancy Change of Command ceremony for The Colonel. It was held in a castle by the river. The Colonel was replaced by another Colonel, “Trey.”  The Colonel spoke, The General spoke, and then “Trey.” There was a live Army band. It was pretty nice.

After the ceremony, we drove to the temple in Frankfurt, which is really in Friedrichsdorf. There is a hostel there for temple patrons, and we spent the night there. This is the view from our room. We were planning to go on from there to Ramstein, and then on to Metz, France, but the plagues followed us, so we opted to come home for respite and recuperation.  It turned out to be a good decision.

Next weekend:  Venice!

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