It’s hard to believe the January is over.  The past year has seemed to go by so quickly.  Before you know it, it will be spring, then summer.  At least it has been snowing again. I am happy about that, even though I have to shovel.  I hope the snow gets heavy and thick.  The boys want to build another fort, and go sledding. So far, it has just been fluffy puff.

For my birthday this year I didn’t get breakfast in bed. I didn’t even have a party like last year. In fact, Andy gave me a new can-opener. Bryce gave me some “coupons” for chores that he made.   I made my own cake, which was really a Johannisberry tart, instead.  Actually, I made two, then ate half of one myself before anyone else came home, so that was nice.   That’s it. I figure that my birthday present was about three times more than my Christmas present, so I’m good. Another birthday down, another 12 months to go.

The highlight of the month is that I’ve taken up a new sport…Racquetball. I never tried it before, but now I love it.  Even though I am sore for days after playing, I want to play every day!  It’s very stress relieving, aerobic, and challenging. There’s no better feeling than whacking the little ball as hard as possible knowing that the probability of injuring yourself on the ricochet is astronomical.  Exhilarating!  Kind of like shooting yourself in the eye with a BB gun, I imagine.

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