Ice Ice Baby

So I’ve been thinking lately (happens every once in a while) about life. You see, here in Germany, I think they have been stuck in the 80’s for quite some time, probably since the 80’s. Amazing.  They all know and love the 80’s music (Pat Benatar on the radio daily), hairstyles (feathers, spikes, mullets), clothes (jean jackets, spandex, etc.). You get the idea.  If you are a teenager and you want to be cool and make a fashion statement, you still dress like an 80’s punk rocker.  I just don’t understand.

Anyway, I was thinking about this: How some people never grow up.  The things they thought were so cool to do, or rebellious when they were teenagers, or young adults, some people still think it’s ok to still be like that.  Take graffiti, aka public vandalism. That is soooo outdated, but some people still think it is a cool.  And rap music. So yesterday. I mean, just look at how most rappers dress….like children.  Tattoos, piercings, dreads. Come on people. Or playing video games in all your free time. Umm…stupid?

We all have to get older, but only some of us chose to grow up. Some of us need to grow up still.  If you are still dressing like you did when you were a teenager, and you’re not a teenager, maybe it’s time for a wardrobe overhaul.  If you still enjoy hanging out with your high school friends, doing the exact thing you did in high school, please expand yourself and try something new.  Not that your friends are bad, just that there should be more to life than what happened in high school.  Uncle Rico lives out of his van for a reason.

I know it might be hard to swallow.  Sometimes you have to bite the bullet, look in the mirror, and realize that there is something better out there. Look at Marky Mark. He went through the punk-rapper-graffiti-phase.  Then he decided to leave his childhood behind, pull his pants up and be a man.  Now he has a nice family, a decent job, better moniker.  If you think it is cool to have a gangsta’ name with a symbol, like Gu$$, or some other ‘funky’ spelling, like brrICE, Hello!!!  Time to grow up!!  Even Vanilla Ice has moved on to real estate.

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